International Players Push for Peace

The EU has an internal document blaming the occupation for Palestinian violence. Israel is not too happy about it. Click here for more.

Atlanta Church Summit

Holy Land church leader and 100 American church leaders collectively chose hope when they gathered in Atlanta, GA, last month to adopt a joint and comprehensive strategy for a common witness. Click here for more.

Lord God, we turn to you in these trying hours ...

...when conflict is a daily reality for our sisters and brothers in many lands. We promise you to work to our utmost for peace and reconciliation. But we know we cannot do it alone. We very much need the strength of your presence in our midst if we are to overcome the obstacles before us. -Rev. John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Catholic Theological Union

When Optimism Fails – Why the Atlanta Summit Matters

Christian leaders from the Holy Land and the US gathered in Atlanta last month to forge a path through the quagmire that is the Middle East peace process. A daunting task -- considering pessimism tends to dominate whenever the topic of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is raised. In Washington, DC, everyone from think-tank experts to congressional staffers are quick to point out that the situation on the ground is the worst they have ever seen it.

But when these same individuals are asked how we might move closer to a resolution, most throw up their hands and shrug their shoulders. So it is understandable that some might question the ability of a gathering of religious people to create progress where so many experts have failed. Yet just a few weeks ago, one of those experts had the audacity to suggest that it is precisely when the political horizon looks bleak that we should look to religious communities for leadership. Click here to continue reading.

Atlanta Church Summit – Pursuing Peace and Strengthening Presence
At the invitation of the heads of churches in the Holy Land, 100 American church leaders gathered in Atlanta, Ga, on April 19 & 20th to seek concrete ways to work together in order to bring peace to the Holy Land. Participants signed the “Atlanta Church Summit Document.” Endorsed by President Jimmy Carter, the document lays out peace making strategies and ways to strengthen Christian presence in the Holy Land. Click here for more on the Atlanta Church Summit.