UN Issues Report on Gaza War; Israel Calls It Biased

A United Nations (UN) Commission of Inquiry reported on last summer’s Gaza war Monday. The Commission stated that Israel and Palestinian militant groups committed abuses of international humanitarian law that may amount to war crimes. Click here for more.


Charity and Justice Now!

We don't have to choose between charity, justice and faithfulness to God. In fact scripture says in Matthew 23:23 that we should practice all three without neglecting any of the others. Together, as CMEP, we call for humanitarian aid and peace for Gazans!

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Come and See for Yourself!

CMEP’s Board of Directors’ Study Tour to Palestine and Israel is an exceptional multiple perspective travel experience offering unique vantage points on peace building efforts in Israel and Palestine. Click here for all the information and to register.

Join the "We Support Peace" Banner Campaign

Join an emerging cloud of witnesses for peace! We believe that a public declaration of peace, as displayed by a banner in the front lawns of houses of worship, will encourage the all parties to move forward with a peaceful solution. Click here to learn more about the campaign and order your banner today!

Mr. President, end this conflict!

675 On June 29, 2015 Churches for Middle East Peace sent a letter to President Obama urging him to:

  • Make working to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a priority during the time remaining for his administration;
  • Consult with parties involved in a UN Security Council resolution planned by France that will include a framework and timeline for ending the occupation, with a view of voting affirmatively on a resolution with those parameters;
  • Declare that Israeli settlements are “illegal” and reject language in U.S. legislation that would make trade protection of settlements a U.S. policy objective; and
  • Declare Israeli expropriation of Palestinian land contrary to international conventions and laws.   676

The letter  states, “Mr. President, we appreciate that you have struggled to seek a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the beginning of your first term over six years ago. It is now clear that the parties themselves cannot be expected to make real progress towards an agreement unless they have strong reasons to do so.

We continue to pray for all the sons and daughters of the God of Abraham who suffer — both as the occupied and the occupier — and we pray for you in the challenging times ahead.” You may read the entire letter by clicking here.

677 CMEP is calling for U.S. Christians to join in this call by endorsing the letter and emailing President Obama. Click here to take action today.


This Easter Season marks the official re-launch of CMEP’s Banner Campaign! This campaign encourages houses of worship nation-wide to publicly proclaim their support for peace and justice for Palestinians and Israelis. With Easter signifying a time for new beginnings and hope, what better time could there be to start participating?


Check out go.cmep.org/wesupportpeace for more information about the campaign and how you can get involved today!