Through events, resources, & trips to the region, Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) provides opportunities to learn about the Middle East and a holistic approach to advocating for peace.

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Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) serves to elevate diverse voices who are advocating for equality, security, & human rights for all people in the Middle East.

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You & your church can be advocates for just U.S. policies toward the Middle East by contacting your members of Congress; participating in Hill & Government meetings; & attending Advocacy Summits.

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  • Action Alert | Ask Your House Member to Cosponsor HR 2590

    Congress must make clear that the United States will not provide financial support to the ongoing violation of Palestinian rights. HR 2590 is a necessary start in helping to ensure the United States can be an honest partner for peace to both the Israeli and Palestinian people.

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  • Public Statement | CMEP Celebrates Rep. Khanna NDAA Amendment

    Thursday, September 23, the House passed an amendment to the FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), that CMEP supports and has worked for, to prohibit U.S. logistical support, intel sharing, maintenance, and spare parts for the Royal Saudi Air Force conducting operations in Yemen for years.

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  • Travel with CMEP

    Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) partners with MEJDI tours to offer custom group travel to Israel, Palestine, and other destinations in the Middle East. Trips to the region offer pilgrimages and advocacy-oriented travel. While traveling in the Holy Land, trips provide the chance to hear multi-narrative perspectives through the use of two local guides, one Israeli and one Palestinian. They offer various perspectives on the history and current realities of the land.

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  • Action Alert | Tell Biden Administration to Oppose Violence in Israel/Palestine

    The Biden Administration has consistently said that they will center human rights and rule of law in their foreign policy decisions. They must now put these words into action by intervening directly with the Israeli government to end the violence against Palestinians and stop the planned expulsion of families in Sheikh Jarrah. Your voice is critically important.

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