Spiritual Resources

Prayer and advocacy concerning peacemaking in the Holy Land is born from our faith in Jesus Christ. As Christians from across the theological spectrum we share a common passion and call given to us by God; a call which lived, died and was resurrected for us in Jesus, and; a call which is continually strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit.

To help us in this work of faith Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) has created and gathered a variety of spiritual, and educational resources for individual and communal use to help engage your congregation in learning and reflection. Together, we hope to engage and act upon our Christian calling to be peacemakers.

CMEP’s current resources include our Prayers for Peace (P4P) blog and seasonal devotions for Lent and Advent.

Prayer Guide: We Choose Abundant Life: Christians in the Middle East: Towards Renewed Theological, Social, and Political Choices

By: Beth Seversen, Ambassador Warren Clark Fellow, CMEP

In 2021, the treatise “We Choose Abundant Life” emerged as a beacon of hope for the Middle East, advocating for shalom, equitable relationships, and collective prosperity. This document, a collaborative effort of ecumenical experts in theology, human, and geopolitical sciences, seeks to address the region’s critical challenges, including diminishing Christian populations, gender inequality, and social disparities. “We Choose Abundant Life” offers a framework for discerning divine guidance for the Church and fostering a just peace.

Advent 2023: In Everlasting Light, Justice Shines

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is pleased to present this Advent devotional series entitled “In Everlasting Light, Justice Shines,” which is available for purchase for you or your church group. This devotional book contains devotions for each Sunday of Advent as well as the week leading up to Christmas, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Devotions will be posted on this page and through the Prayers for Peace (P4P) blog as they’re released. Click here to subscribe.

If you would like to order a print-on-demand booklet of all of the devotions, this link will direct you to where you may purchase one copy or a copy for your entire Bible study group!

There are price breaks when ordering in bulk, and any profit will go toward future publications and CMEP’s work toward Realizing God’s Perfect Peace.

Previous Years’ Lent and Advent Reflections

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2023

Join CMEP, the World Council of Churches, our board member organization, the Franciscan Friars, and Christians around the world for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, January 18, 19, 23, and 24, 2023. The theme for 2023 is: Do good; seek justice (Isaiah 1:17).

The Franciscans elaborate on the theme for 2023: “The entire scriptural passage for the theme is Isaiah 1:12-18, lamenting a lack of justice among the People of God. Yet, it also promises redemption by encouraging acts of justice.”  Read more about this week here.

Join us in prayer in the hope of Christian Unity.

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2022

Churches for Middle East Peace, the World Council of Churches, our board member organization the Franciscan Friars, and Christians around the world gathered online together for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. The theme for 2022 was “We Saw the Star in the East, and We Came To Worship Him.” CMEP hosted a religious leader from the Middle East each day from January 18-21 for a time of prayer and reflection. 

Join us as we pray together in the hope of Christian Unity.

Friday, January 21, 2022 – Rev. Wadie Far
Thursday, January 20, 2022 – Anne Zaki
Wednesday, January 19 – Archimandrite Abuna Emanuel Youkhana
Tuesday, January 18, 2022 – Rev. Dr. Rima Nisrallah