CMEP works to provide timely and reliable information on current realities in Israel, Palestine, and the broader Middle East through our weekly Bulletin, monthly Webinars, and seasonal Spiritual Resources.

Bulletin: Sent to your inbox every Friday, the Bulletin will keep you up to date on Middle East news, advocacy opportunities, and upcoming CMEP events. Learn More

Webinars: CMEP interviews and moderates discussions with Palestinian, Israeli, American, and International peace makers, political analysts, activists, humanitarian and government leaders. Watch Here

Prayers for Peace (P4P) Blog: P4P provides a way for Christians of diverse political and theological backgrounds to stand up for peace and unite in supplication to God with a special focus on prayers for the Holy Land. P4P provides Jesus’ followers with the common language of prayer around which to mobilize their energy and passion for the land that gave birth to our faith.

Spiritual Resources: Prayer and advocacy concerning peacemaking in the Holy Land is born from our faith in Jesus Christ. To help us in this work of faith CMEP creates seasonal spiritual and educational resources. Together, we hope to engage and act upon our Christian calling to be peacemakers. Learn More