During the 2014 Gaza War, the main power plant is Gaza was damaged severely. Since then, the infrastructure crisis has grown exponentially. Gazans are impacted in three crucial areas: energy; water; and communications. Currently, Gazans typically only have electricity for 3-4 hours per day, leaving them in darkness for about 21 hours. Additionally, the lack of electricity and fuel disrupts any chance of normal routine or stability in a world so reliant on electricity.

Resources on Gaza:

Interested in learning more about the realities of life in Gaza? CMEP’s Gaza resources includes articles, webinars, and reports to help you learn and be a prepared advocate.

Lights for Gaza Campaign:

During Spring 2017 CMEP partnered with Rebuilding Alliance to send solar powered Luci Lights into Gaza. Individuals like you raised enough funds to send 570 Luci Lights to people in Gaza. Thank you to everyone who participated!! Learn more here.