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And a Child Shall Lead Them

What if Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas and Barrack Obama had the opportunity to meet in their youth?

What if over the course of their adolescent years these world leaders got to know each other on a personal level?

What if  they spent significant amounts of time together playing games, sharing conversations over meals, and learning about each others’ perspectives on family, faith and the problems in the world?

Would there be peace in the Holy Land today if these influential men were given the chance to be friends when they were young?

There is an amazing organization that is giving these opportunities to the leaders of tomorrow.   Kids4Peace is an empowering youth movement that seeks to create change.   Since 2002, the organization has been providing opportunities for Israeli, Palestinian, and North American kids to connect in deep and meaningful ways.   The purpose of this interfaith organization is to “end conflict and inspire hope in Jerusalem and other divided cities around the world.” Read more