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CMEP Middle East Fellowship

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) offers a unique fellowship experience focused on advocacy, based in the US as well as the Middle East. The fellowship lasts between 6-12 months and includes a few months (remote) work from the United States and three months on the ground in the Jerusalem/Bethlehem area of Israel/Palestine. Applicants will have the opportunity to live and work in Israel/Palestine, acquire deeper exposure to the realities on the ground, develop relationships with local religious leaders and organizations working towards a just peace to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and make meaningful contributions to CMEP’s advocacy efforts. Fellows are essential to our work and receive mentoring and valuable experience through their service.

Advocacy Experience:  During the CMEP Middle East Fellowship, you will have the opportunity to learn about US based advocacy related to Israel/Palestine and gain the necessary tools and knowledge to continue grassroots and legislative advocacy in the United States. You will also have the chance to develop relationships with CMEP connections and partners in the region.

Regional Experience:  By living and working in the region you will experience the lived daily realities for people there, while developing personal relationships and a better understanding of Palestinian and Israeli cultures. You will also develop relationships with the Palestinian Christian community in Bethlehem and Jerusalem and be exposed to Arabic and Hebrew language, though many in the region speak English. Immersing yourself and being a witness to the circumstances will not only provide solidarity with the local communities and Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilders, but will also create a platform in which you will be able to elevate their voices and advocate from personal experience. 

Fellowship Timeline:  The Fellowship is 6-12 months in length, divided into three parts (with some flexibility):

  • Initial six weeks working from the Washington D.C. office or remotely from your home in the US
  • Three month period based in Bethlehem  
  • Final six weeks working from the Washington D.C. office or remotely from your home in the US
  • Note: The specific timeline of the fellowship will be coordinated once applicants are accepted into the program. 

Applicants strongly preferred to:

  • Have traveled or lived in Israel/Palestine previously or at least have a basic familiarity with the region 
  • Be a graduate student in a master’s degree program or be enrolled in a graduate level program 
  • Committed to CMEP’s goals and able to support its Policy Positions and Guidelines
  • Passionate about nonprofit work, political advocacy, peacebuilding, and issues related to the Middle East
  • Knowledgeable about the Middle East region, especially Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories
  • Resourceful, self-starting, organized, deadline-oriented, able to work as part of a virtual team across many time zones, and possess excellent written communication skills
  • Proficient in online research, blog writing, social networks, and other online applications and platforms
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 
  • Proficient in Google Apps (Gmail, Drive, Calendar)
  • Familiar with or willing to learn Basecamp (CMEP’s project management software)

What to expect in the United States: 

  • Work for CMEP 15-20 hrs/week
  • Participate in weekly and monthly staff meetings
  • Diverse tasks supporting the ME Portfolio and the US Coalition engagement
  • Engagement with the broader staff team on CMEP projects and events 

What to expect in Bethlehem:

  • Work for CMEP 30-40 hours per week, with some meetings/travel around Bethlehem and Jerusalem
  • Administrative support on projects for the CMEP Director of Middle East Partnerships 
  • Government and organization landscaping projects
  • Meeting with CMEP partners on the ground
  • Support to the CMEP Communications team 
  • Social media content development
  • Story development
  • Engaging with the whole CMEP team/staff via staff meetings and 1-1 video calls

To Apply

  • Send your Resume/CV, cover letter, and three references in PDF format to applications@cmep.org 
  • Include two writing samples (at least one academic) in PDF format
  • If you have other work examples that are relevant to CMEP’s advocacy, please include as well (such as a social media campaign, prior event you lead, or other)
  • Include the subject line “[Your Name] Application to CMEP Middle East Fellowship”
  • CMEP is currently accepting applications on a rolling basis
  • Goal start date is August or September 2022


  • CMEP is willing to work with academic institutions for this fellowship to count for fieldwork and other academic requirements, we have MDiv and PhD level supervision for fellows.
  • Support and oversight to find affordable housing during three month stay in the Middle East. 
  • During US work, the stipend is $500/month, during Middle East work, the stipend is $1000/month.