Organization Highlight: The Global Immersion Project (TGIP)

by Natalie Wisely, World Vision

What They Do:
The Global Immersion project (TGIP) seeks to cultivate everyday peacemakers by giving them access to seemingly inaccessible global and domestic conflicts and the peacemakers that live and work in these arenas. The goal is to integrate the work of reconciliation and peacemaking into the consciences of individuals around the globe. In doing so, they aspire to develop generations of everyday peacemakers that can influence the global and local realities they face in their neighborhoods, villages, towns, and cities.

How They Do It:
TGIP curates three-phase Learning Labs that culminate in immersion experiences into international and domestic conflicts. TGIP is currently hosting Learning Labs focused on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the U.S. Immigration Crisis, but also plans to expand to address various other international and domestic issues and locations.

Phase 1: Understanding
Through reading, lectures, dialogue, and conversations with national and international peacemakers, participants explore the historical development of a conflict, diverse theological frameworks, national and international politics, social and economic implications, and the peacemaking practices of Jesus.

Phase 2: Exposure
As conflict settings are the best classrooms and everyday peacemakers are the best instructors, TGIP leads carefully guided, two-week immersion experiences into international conflicts and gives participants opportunities to dialogue with peacemakers that live and work there. Participants experience the tension and trauma of the conflict, the influence of theology and nationalism on the conflict, and the impact that the peacemaking practices of Jesus can have in the conflict.

Phase 3: Integration
After reflecting on what has been learned both through study and interaction with other peacemakers, TGIP equips participants to move past a cognitive understanding of peacemaking to live lives that integrate the Way of Jesus in their daily activities.

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We invite you to pray with us…
Lord God, we come to You in our need.
Create in us an awareness of the massive forces that threaten Your world today.
And grant us a sense of urgency to activate the forces of goodness, of justice, of love, and of peace.
Where there is armed conflict, let us stretch our arms to our brothers and sisters.
Where there is abundance, let there be simple lifestyle and generous sharing.
Where there is poverty, let there be dignified living and constant striving for just structures.
Where there are wounds of division, let there be unity and wholeness,
Help us to be committed to the building of Your kingdom.
Not seeking to be cared for, but to care.
Not expecting to be served, but to place ourselves in the service of others.
Not aspiring to be materially secure, but to place our security in Your love.
Teach us Your spirit
For it is only in loving imitation of You
that we can discover the healing springs of life that will bring about new birth to our earth.


(Prayer adapted from Presence: Prayers for Busy People by Maribi Garcia from Manila, Philippines)

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