A Lenten Prayer of Reflection

by Natalie Wisely, World Vision

During this season of Lent, Christians around the globe are drawn into closer communion with God through worship, prayer, and fasting. During this time of reflection, we pray you are comforted by the knowledge that God is the one who provides peace, who creates beauty from ashes.

In Israel and Palestine, there have been decades of mourning due to the brokenness that comes from neighbors living in conflict and at times, it feels hopeless. But we are convicted that we cannot give up and must continue to work and pray for peace in this land.

Taking this into consideration, we ask that you join us in the prayer below – that there will be peace in the conflicts of the world, peace in the turmoil of our own hearts, and that we will have the courage and conviction to continue on in this effort until it is completed.

Anglican Prayer, Author Unknown

Jesus, giver of peace, we look for your gift amidst the conflicts of our time.

You are the Saviour who searches for us,
the Friend who longs for us,
the Redeemer who strives for us,
and we set our troubled hearts before you.
Turn from us despondency,
and keep us searching for the way that leads to peace;
Turn from us disillusion,
and keep us longing for the healing that makes for peace;
Turn from us despair, and keep us striving for the change that will build peace;
until our hopes find their fulfillment in your gift made real.