Tent of Nations: People Building Bridges

The organic farm on which the Tent of Nations project runs is known as ‘Daher’s Vineyard’. Owned by the Nassar family, this land stretches 100 acres and is situated 9km southwest of Bethlehem. Since 1991, the family has been fighting a legal battle to keep hold of the land since it was classified as ‘Israeli State Land’ and thus threatened with confiscation. The struggle is ongoing. However, with a commitment to peaceful resistance and through the solidarity of those who have visited the land, much has been achieved. Tent of Nations continues to work to protect and develop the farm as a place where people can meet, learn, work together, and inspire one another.

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) supports Tent of Nations’ mission to build bridges between people. Painted on a stone as you enter in several languages, their motto states “We refuse to be enemies.” In a land where walls are built and lines are drawn and redrawn… we believe their work is transformational. Tent of Nations offers a voice that is critical to the discussion for peace and justice in the Middle East.
This short interview with Daoud Nassar gives a good picture of what Tent of Nations (TON) is all about.

Dear God,
We lift up to you Daoud Nasser, the Nassar Family Farm, and peacebuilding ministry of Tent of Nations. We pray for the ongoing legal battle that the Nasser family may maintain their land. May their ministry continue to build bridges across cultures, across conflict, across countries and transform the hearts and minds of those who visit. May the Nasser Family Farm experience fruitful harvests this year, supporting their ongoing work and affirming their commitment to cultivate the land. We pray Daoud’s upcoming speaking tour in the US will serve as an encouragement to his ministry as well as an encouragement to all who hear his story to engage in peacebuilding efforts locally, in Israel, Palestine, and beyond. May peace prevail.

CMEP is hosting conversations with Daoud Nassar in cities across the U.S. This is a great opportunity to hear directly about his experience and the work of Tent of Nations. For more information and specific locations please visit our website:

Story and prayer by Becky Gonzalez

2 Comments On “Tent of Nations: People Building Bridges”

  1. I am a retired Lutheran pastor (ELCA) living in Clearwater, Florida. In my parish ministry, I always shared my love for both the Israeli people as well as the Palestinians, especially for the Lutheran presence in the Holy Land.
    I am moved by the Tent of Nations ministry and the Nasser family’s perseverance in holding on to their land against strong Israeli demands otherwise (which are illegal).
    If Daoud Nasser’ travels in the U.S. bring him anywhere near the West coast of Central Florida (Tampa Bay area), my home church is Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Largo, Florida. The senior pastor can be reached at pastorjoe@poplargo.org. His name is Joe Glymph. I believe he would be open to scheduling a time for our congregation to hear Mr. Nasser and to reach out in Christian love and solidarity.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Pastor John


  2. Thanks you for this. May peace come and people who work for this see the fruits of their labours!


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