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Prayers4Peace: Because of Tabeetha I have learned to be myself everywhere.

Because of Tabeetha I have learned to be myself everywhere.

By: Rev Muriel Pearson, Church of Scotland

‘Because of Tabeetha I have learned to be myself everywhere,’ Daniel, a grade 11 student explains. He is sitting with half a dozen fellow students around a table in the library, talking to visitors from Scotland.

Daniel and his fellow students talk about how they value the diversity they find in Tabeetha, of how they feel they belong to one family, of how their social skills benefit.

Tabeetha School is a unique Christian School in Jaffa, Israel, run by the Church of Scotland. It is the only mainstream school the Church of Scotland runs anywhere in the world. You might say it is an accident of history, as it came under the Church of Scotland’s governance because its founder Miss Jane Walker- Arnott left her school to the Church in her will in 1911.

Today, Christians, Jews, and Muslims study together. They know their own identity as Palestinians or Israelis or Ukrainians or Russians, as Greek Orthodox or Catholic, and they are not afraid of difference. They talk about how to explore difficult topics- recognizing multiple viewpoints and assessing sources for reliability. It is no wonder these young people go on to brilliant careers in business, commerce, diplomacy, medicine, and law.

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Prayers4Peace: Fourth Sunday of Advent 2023, Christmas Eve

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In Preparation for the Arrival, Sunday Devotional for Advent 2023
Written by Katheryn Hamm, who traveled with CMEP to the Holy Land in Spring 2023, and Adysen Moylan, Trips Coordinator


Isaiah 9:2-7 | Psalm 96 | Titus 2:11-14 | Luke 2:1-14, (15-20)

Simon Sinek said: “Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet.” In traveling to the Holy Land this past spring, I was in constant amazement at the diverse landscapes, the historical significance of the sites, and the opportunity to experience the places where Jesus walked and taught. However, our tour guide, Nabil, and our bus driver, Faisel made the trip beautiful and memorable. These two men had never met or worked with each other before, yet there was an immediate sense of respect, cooperation, calmness, and devotion between them. Our group contained about fifteen people, and both men formed deep and independent connections with each of us. The smallness of our group allowed them to give us a heads-up when they thought upcoming sights would interest a particular person or to know when someone was overwhelmed with information and in need of a break. Their gentleness and loving demeanor extended to our group and to everyone they met. Despite their previous, deeply troubling experiences with the Israeli government and military, both men continually chose to love, show kindness, and practice unconditional grace, even to those who have done them wrong. 

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