Step Six: Maintain the Relationship

It’s important to understand developing relationships with your members of Congress is a long term commitment. Your advocacy will be more effective if you maintain a relationship with your member over time.  

  • Be sure to monitor your member of Congress’ website to see if they are hosting events when they are back in state or district. Make a point of trying to attend an event.
  • If you get a Letter to the Editor published relating to Israel/Palestine or the Middle East, be sure to send a copy to the relevant staff member you met with. 
  • Consider inviting staff from the district or state office to an event with speakers from Israel/Palestine or the region. 
  • When you are in DC be sure to reach out to the office to let them know you are in town. Try to schedule a meeting during your stay. If Congress is in session, inquire with the office to see if the member is hosting any events for constituents. Many offices will have a weekly or monthly coffee/meet and greet with the member while Congress is in session. These events provide a great opportunity to stay in touch with members.