Step Four: Attend Meeting

  • Make sure your group is gathered and ready 20 minutes before the meeting. Confirm with the office how early before a meeting the group can check in. Dress business casual/professional. 
  • Thank the office for meeting with you. 
  • Introduce yourself, explaining any relevant faith/professional affiliations. 
  • Be clear about why you are meeting (your ask). Do you want your representative to co-sponsor a bill or sign a letter, or do you simply want to raise awareness on an issue? 
  • Explain why you care about the issue and tell your story. While it is important to have facts and statistics, nothing is more powerful than a personal story. If possible, try to connect these stories to something relevant to your particular state/district or the work of the member. For example, if you know the member is passionate about the environment or religious freedom, think of stories that might intersect with the member and their work.
  • Make sure to repeat the ask at least three times–there is power in repetition! You will want to mention the ask early on in the meeting, return to it during the middle, and then be sure to reiterate it once more before leaving. 
  • Respond to any questions that the office has. Leave behind any brochures or reading materials that may be relevant.
  • Exchange business cards, and let them know you will follow up.