Resource Articles on Area C Annexation

Israel Annexation: New Border Plans leave Palestinians in Despair, BBC, June 2020

The human rights effects of Area C annexation, and in the article’s left margin is a link to a longer and quite comprehensive study on it.  Yesh Din,  2020.

Why Area C annexation (and the Trump plan) won’t work.  American Prospect, 2020.  

Netanyahu adopted Area C annexation in 2017 when he found it had Trump administration support, but he had written in his 2000 book that this was his eventual solution.  Haaretz, 2019.

Whatever the Trump plan says, at Revava in July 2019 Netanyahu laid out the Government of Israel’s four principles for Area C annexation  Haaretz, 2019

While most of Israel’s political leaders have endorsed some sort of annexation, support among Jewish Israelis is only just below 50 percent.  Haaretz, 2019.

Hanan Ashrawi on the Trump administration steps toward annexation. Washington Post, 2019.

Amb. Friedman on the Trump administration steps toward annexation, before plan was presented. Israel Hayom, 2020.

A roundup of differing opinions on whether international opposition will affect annexation. Times of Israel, 2020.

The US-Israel mapping commission is deciding what Israel will annex.  Times of Israel, 2020.

Secretary Pompeo saying that annexation is for Israelis to decide.  Jerusalem Post, 2020.

The Israeli coalition April agreement on July 1 annexation.  Jerusalem Post, 2020.

 “Will Israel’s New Government Pursue Annexation?” by Commanders for Israel’s Security (CIS) Nimrod Novik and journalist Tal Shalev. A long video analysis on Israeli annexation politics and how annexation would work on the ground for Palestinians and Israelis.  Ends with discussing U.S. funding for annexation. J Street, 2020.

Naftali Bennett and other settler reps began proposing Area C-only annexation in 2012. They did so in the Government of Israel from 2016.  Washington Post, 2016.