Human Rights Issues

Egypt 2017 Human Rights Report [US Department of State, 2017]

According to US Department of State, “The most significant human rights issues included arbitrary or unlawful killings by the government or its agents; major terrorist attacks; disappearances; torture; harsh or potentially life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; including the use of military courts to try civilians; political prisoners and detainees; unlawful interference in privacy; limits on freedom of expression, including criminal “defamation of religion” laws; restrictions on the press, internet, and academic freedom; and restrictions on freedoms of assembly and association, including government control over registration and financing of NGOs.” Read More  

NGO Law in Egypt [Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 2017]

In 2016 the Egyptian Parliament passed a new law regulating non-governmental organizations in Egypt. With this law, the Washington Institute says, “The Egyptian state, in order to silence a handful of human rights groups it found meddlesome, has strangled thousands of groups shouldering the burdens the government could not handle. Ironically, this will cause the very social unrest which the war against the rights organizations was intended, according to the authorities, to guard against.” Read More

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