General Guidelines

  • Letters should be short, 250 words or less. 
  • Letters should focus on one issue or topic and use facts to back up any arguments. 
  • Letters should reference a specific article in the publication to which they are addressed.
  • Letters should include a full name and contact information (so that the editor can follow up, not for publication purposes).
  • Letters are best if they are personalized and should conclude with a call to action. Members of Congress pay close attention to when their name is mentioned in publications, especially ones that are local to their state/district. It is important that you mention your member by name–either to thank them for taking a position or encouraging them to take one you would like for them to take. 
  • Do not send the same letter to competing publications. Again, they should be publication-specific by addressing a particular author or article.
  • Check publication-specific guidelines before submitting letters to the editor.