Egypt’s Role in Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Overview of Israel-Egypt Cooperation [Jewish Virtual Library]

Since the signing of the Camp David Accords in 1979, Egypt and Israel have maintained full diplomatic recognition, developed closer economic ties, and exchanged national security information. Both Egypt and Israel share a common interest in repressing political Islam in the Gaza Strip which borders both countries. Read More  

A New Role for Egypt: Sisi’s Government and the Arab Israeli Conflict [Harvard International Review, 2015]

Since Arab Spring, Egypt has resumed its interest in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. “Egypt’s relationship with Israel, in contrast, has become stronger under President Sisi. Egypt is considering an agreement by which Israel would supply up to 6.25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas to Egypt, a deal that would be far larger than Israel’s previous contract with Jordan. Additionally, Israel and Egypt are rumored to have a military agreement in the Sinai Peninsula, by which Israel attacks terrorist groups in the area via drones and the Egyptian government takes responsibility so as to avoid the accusation that Israel is violating Egyptian airspace.” Read More  

Movement of People via Rafah Crossing [Gisha, 2018]

Since President Abdul Fatah Said al-Sisi came to power in 2014, Egypt imposed restrictions on its border crossing into the Gaza Strip. In this graph, Gisha, documents the number of permits issued by Egypt each month for Palestinians entering and leaving Gaza via the Rafah Crossing. Read More    

Israeli Natural Gas Giant Signs $15 Billion Export Deal with Egypt [Haaretz, 2018]

Egypt has gas reserves of its own but also has very heavy demand for natural gas, for domestic use – and for export as liquefied natural gas. The multinationals operating in Egypt envision buying Israeli gas, liquefying it in Egyptian facilities and exporting the LNG to Europe.” Read More

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