Counter-terrorism in Egypt

Timeline: How Sinai became a target for terrorism [Jerusalem Post, 2017]

This timeline from Jerusalem Post tracks the deterioration of security in the Sinai Peninsula following Arab Spring. Since then Sinai has become a stronghold for an affiliate of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Many of the terrorist attacks in Sinai have been against Christian Egyptians. Read More   

Egypt Security Watch: Five Years of Egypt’s War on Terror [Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy, 2018]   

The Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy has analyzed the efforts that Egypt’s government has taken to combat terrorism since 2013. “Our findings today indicate that, while the number of attacks reported each day have abated somewhat, Egypt is in a similar place as it was when the war on terror was declared. Those governing Egypt and its security bodies have failed to adapt tactics to evolving security threats; to develop a long-term, strategic counter-terror policy; or to carry out a holistic program to prevent radicalization that opens channels to peacefully express grievances, rather relying on collective punishment and politicized tactics. This approach leaves Egypt no closer to eradicating extremism, preventing future radicalization, or achieving long-term stability than at the start of the war on terror.” Read More

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