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Take action, and sign the global letter.

Call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, urge the US and other world powers to halt additional arms sales to Israel, and make clear that Israel, the US, and all countries must abide by the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Looking for opportunities to engage in peacemaking? Through Action Alerts, Advocacy Summits, and Donations you can be part of CMEP’s peacebuilding efforts TODAY!

Action Alerts | CMEP offers ongoing opportunities to engage Congress, State Department, and the current Administration through Action Alerts. Interested in a complete list of all your elected officials? Find them HERE.

Take Action

Advocacy Summits | These Washington, D.C.-based summits provide opportunities to learn about current political realities in the Middle East; receive tools to effectively advocate on behalf of peace and security for Israelis, Palestinians, and all people in the Middle East; and meet with US Government representatives to advocate for peace in the Middle East. 

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Donate | You make CMEP’s work possible! Consider sustained giving or a one-time contribution.


Best Practices for Effective Advocacy | Advocacy can mean many things, but in general, it’s about taking action. Advocacy simply involves speaking and acting on behalf of yourself or others. When people are not being treated fairly, you simply can’t look the other way—advocacy empowers you to be their voice.