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A Thanksgiving Prayer

Lord God, help us to be truly thankful amidst our great abundance. Forgive us if our wealth blinds us to the needs and poverty of others. Help us to accept every gift as a miracle and blessing from you, and may we seek opportunities to share our bounty with others, in the name of Christ. Amen.

Covenant Publications. (2003). The Covenant Book of Worship (p. 99). Chicago, IL.

In this season of thanksgiving, we would like to thank those who work alongside us and support the work of CMEP. Our generous donors, the Leadership Council, our Board Members, and Church Partners.

Without the support of each of these groups, we would not be able to educate those in our communities, elevate the voices of the vulnerable or advocate for lasting policy change.

We give thanks to God for your commitment to justice and passion for peace.

We give thanks to God for your encouragement and engagement.