A Land Full of God

Christian Perspectives on the Holy Land

Edited by Mae Elise Cannon

Forward by Daniel Roth and Aziz Abu Sarah

A Land Full of God gives American Christians an opportunity to promote peace and justice in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It shows them how to understand the enmity with brief, digestible, and comprehensive essays about the historical, political, religious, and geographical tensions that have led to many of the dynamics we see today. All the while, A Land Full of God walks readers through a biblical perspective of God’s heart for Israel and the historic suffering of the Jewish people, while also remaining sensitive to the experience and suffering of Palestinians. The prevailing wave of Christian voices are seeking a pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian, pro-peace, pro-justice, pro-poor, and ultimately pro-Jesus approach to bring resolution to the conflict.

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A Land Full of God is one of Fupping’s 6 Must-Read Books on the Israel-Palestine Conflict.


Andrea Smith
Bill Hybels
Bob Roberts
Carolyn Custis James
Clayborne Carson
Dale Hanson Bourke
Darrell Bock
David Anderson
David Gushee
David Neff
Desmond Tutu
Donald M. Lewis
Eugene Cho
Jerry White
Jim Wallis
Joel Hunter
John E Phelan, Jr.
John Kerry
John M. Perkins
Judith Rood
Lynne Hybels
Michael Brown
Paul Alexander
Pope Francis
Rich Nathan
Shane Claiborne
Susan Michael
Tony Campolo
Tony Maalouf

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