Pilgrimage to Peace (P2P)

Pilgrimage to Peace (P2P) are 1-3 week speaking tours in the US where CMEP Staff and peacemakers from Israel and Palestine speak to churches, schools, community groups, and other religious organizations. CMEP hosts one or two P2P tours each year, bringing the message that Peace is Possible to locations across the United States.

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See and Hear The Tour!

Spring 2020 with Combatants for Peace Webinar

For years, CMEP has brought Pilgrimage to Peace into churches, universities, synagogues, mosques, and community centers across the USA and Canada. For spring 2020, we invited you to join us digitally as we continue to elevate the voices of those working for peace so that we can advocate for justice.

This conversation took place during Holy Week and the night before Passover and included a discussion of how our religious contexts play a role in this work. We also gathered during the continued uncertainties regarding COVID-19 and discussed ways in which this global pandemic is disproportionately impacting Palestinians already living under occupation.

September 2019 with Aziz Abu Sarah, Rabbi Dr. Daniel Roth, and Rev. Dr. Mae Cannon: Listen to a radio interview with the P2P team on WDET (Detroit).


Spring 2019 with Suzann Mollner (Beirut and Beyond), Obada Shtaya (One Voice) and Alison Glick (CMEP)

Fall 2018: The Luxcast: Sami Awad & Jessica Montell on Peace in the Holy Land

October 2017

Watch a webinar with CMEP’s Executive Director and Daoud Nassar recorded during the October 2017 P2P Tour.