Human Rights

CMEP advocates for U.S. policies that reduce human rights violations in the Middle East, and against policies that facilitate violators. CMEP also advocates for an end to the blockade and closure of Gaza. Below are three issues we are tracking closely. For your convenience, we also offer a printable version of this page to bring to your meetings as notes for you or as a leave-behind.

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Child Detention

The U.S. provides over 3 billion USD in military assistance to Israel each year.  Israel, specifically the Defense Ministry’s COGAT, uses the Israeli military to detain children across the West Bank, some 500-700 detentions each year. According to the State Dept. Human Rights Report for 2019, the majority of minor detainees were arrested in night raids, 2015-2019 data shows widespread Israeli physical mistreatment of Palestinian minor detainees in the West Bank, and minors ages 16-17 can be held for 72 hours before seeing a military judge — or 15 days with extensions up to 40 days in security cases such as stonethrowing.CMEP supports Rep. McCollum’s bill, H.R.2407, to prevent U.S. military assistance from being used for child detentions.

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Every U.S. president from Carter to Obama, Republican and Democrat, has expressed varying degrees of opposition to Israeli settlements. CMEP and much of the international community deem them illegal, violating the Fourth Geneva Convention by moving civilian population into occupied territories. Several UN resolutions condemn settlements as a threat to peace. CMEP is concerned by the Trump Administration’s support for Israeli moves to annex large parts of the West Bank, thus making settlements legal. CMEP opposes both the Trump Plan and unilateral Israeli annexation. Any annexation would also further worsen human rights, eliminate diplomatic action, foster violence, and deprive both Palestinians and Israelis of hope for future reconciliation.

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Home Demolitions and Land Confiscation

Land confiscations are rife in Israel and the territories, and the UN reports Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes rose 35% in 2019. CMEP is concerned by the ongoing home demolitions and land confiscation which make any possibility for a peaceful solution unlikely.

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