Human Rights

Alongside our support for Humanitarian Aid and Economic Assistance, CMEP believes systemic human rights issues must be addressed in order to ensure a just and comprehensive solution to the conflicts in Israel-Palestine and throughout the Middle East. CMEP is deeply concerned by the growing Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the displacement it causes for Palestinians; the treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention; access to water; freedom of movement; and the growing economic gap between Israelis and Palestinians. Through our work on Capitol Hill and with the Administration, CMEP is committed to advocating for human rights for Israelis, Palestinians, and all people in the Middle East. You can learn more about human rights issues in the Middle East by visiting the pages below. Please check back periodically as we continue to make updates.

Settlements and Displacement

The existence and continuing expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands increasingly dims the hopes and realistic prospects for a two-state solution and is a major threat to peace. 
Learn more about U.S. policy on settlements.

Child Detention in the West Bank

Every year between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are tried in the West Bank under Israeli military law. Ensuring that minors receive treatment in accordance with the needs of their age within criminal justice systems is a widely accepted principle of international law. 
Learn more about the experiences of children in the Israeli military court system.

The Separation Barrier 

In 2003, Israel announced the construction of a barrier to separate Israel from the West Bank. Only 15 percent of its route follows the 1949 Green Line. Because its route does not exactly follow the ceasefire line, its construction is a violation of international law.
Learn more about the Separation Barrier’s impact on Palestinian movement.