Elli Atchison

Donor Ambassador

Elli Atchison’s love for Jesus initially brought her to the Holy Land on a pilgrimage in 2012.  But it is her love for all of God’s people that has continued to send her back every year since.  The friendships she has made with Israelis and Palestinians over the years inspire her to work as an advocate for just peace.

As an educator and a mother,  Elli is motivated to help improve the lives of children living in the region.  She has volunteered with World Vision, sponsored projects for children in Palestine, and currently helps lead an interfaith ministry for peace with justice in her community.  She is proud to serve along side the staff of CMEP,  volunteering as the Ambassador of Donor Engagement and a Regional Coordinator.

Elli and her husband primarily live in Orlando, where they stay busy homeschooling their three children, traveling, and volunteering in their community.