Partner in Peacemaking

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) relies on partnership to promote a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, through a holistic resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Through our mutually supportive partnership we seek to support local efforts, maximize effectiveness, and provide opportunities to expand impact and influence in Middle East peacebuilding efforts.

Please consider becoming a partner of CMEP.
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A CMEP Church/Organizational Partner…

Affirms CMEP’s mission and policy positions seeking a durable and just peace
Annually registers as a committed CMEP Church Partner
Contributes financially to CMEP (Partner support ranges from $250 to $25,000/year)
Works toward a just peace in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and in the region through:

Hosting Awareness & Educational Events
Taking trips to the Holy Land
Participating in Government Engagement & Congressional Advocacy

CMEP offers Partners…

Awareness & Education opportunities about Israel, Palestine & the Middle East

Bulletin    Resources    Pilgrimage to Peace    Events

Access to Christian Partners in the Holy Land
Opportunities for Government Engagement & Congressional Advocacy

Action Alerts     Advocacy Summits

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Download a copy of the Church Partnership Form HERE