Lent 2017: Jesus Was No Stranger


The season of Lent is a time for solemn reflection, prayer, and repentance, leading up to Holy Week, when Jesus returned to Jerusalem, was crucified, buried and resurrected. During this season, it is appropriate for us to reflect on places in today’s time where there is loss, poverty, and pain. Throughout his life, Jesus was closest to people who had succumbed to illnesses, were marginalized by society, and who were experiencing rejection and suffering. Throughout this Lenten season, we will be reprising our series, Jesus Was No Stranger, which seeks to look at some of those places in both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. We will ask ourselves, “In light of Jesus' life, how do we, as Christians, respond to the experiences of both Jewish Israelis and Palestinians today?”
Over the coming weeks we will offer reflections and prayers on the themes of:
Jesus was no stranger to . . .
. . . . life under occupation
. . . . obedience
. . . . a life of poverty
. . . . death and sorrow
. . . . the cry for justice
. . . . the least of these
. . . . being misunderstood
. . . . humble service
. . . . persecution and pain
. . . . persistent hope
We will wrap up the series with “Thy Kingdom Come” on Pentecost Sunday.
We would like to give special thanks to Kyle Anderson Photography for the use of his photos in this series.