Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) invites you to become advocates for just US policies in the Middle East by encouraging your representatives in Washington to pursue holistic peacebuilding efforts, provide humanitarian aid and economic assistance, and promote human rights in Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and the broader region. While this may seem like a daunting task, we wish to provide you with the resources that you will need to become effective voices for peace. You can learn about the issues facing the Middle East–both the background and current realities–by visiting the pages below. Please check back periodically as we continue to make updates.  

Current Issues

Humanitarian Aid and Economic Assistance

Gaza:  Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires humanitarian assistance and commitment to equitable development from the United States and other nations in order to foster reform and contribute to building a thriving civil society for Palestinians. >>Learn more about the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza. 

Human Rights Concerns

Settlements and Displacement: The existence and continuing expansion of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands increasingly dims the hopes and realistic prospects for a two-state solution and is a major threat to peace. >>Learn more about U.S. policy on settlements.

Broader Middle East 

Egypt: Home to the largest Christian minority in the Middle East and bordering both Israel and Gaza, Egypt is vital to both the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and interfaith relations. >>Learn more about Egypt’s pivotal role in the region.