My Neighbourhood: Discussion Guide/Activity Supplement

497 My Neighbourhood is a twenty-six minute long documentary chronicling the story of Mohammad El Kurd, a Palestinian youth whose family is forced to share part of their East Jerusalem home with Israeli settlers.  During this tumultuous time, Mohammed finds that he has Israeli allies who are willing to speak out against settlers alongside him.  My Neighbourhood is the story of the community of Sheik Jarrah's resolve and the support it receives from a rather unexpected source.  With the attached CMEP Discussion Guide/Activity Supplement and an Internet connection to stream the free videos, church leaders have all the resources for a 60-90 minute adult forum or education meeting.

Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is pleased to provide these specific discussion questions and activities oriented toward members of the Christian community. Many of these questions and activities are appropriate for multi-faith groups as well. This supplement was written and developed by CMEP and does not necessarily reflect the views and positions of Just Vision, the organization that produced My Neighbourhood.

For additional resources, including Just Vision’s downloadable My Neighbourhood discussion guide, maps, and legal and historical background on Sheikh Jarrah, please visit

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