Meeting Plan/Agenda

Each meeting should have a plan. Who is doing what? Is everthing being covered? This list will help you make this happen.

  1. Identify one member of the group to introduce the group and state your church affiliations. Identify members who are constituents and/or have social, business or political ties to the Member.
  2. Be courteous at all times.
  3. Start with a compliment; possibly thank the Member for a recent, good stand.
  4. State concisely the issue, CMEP's position, and the action the group wants the Member to take.
  5. Very briefly, state a few personal connection to the issue (Use "I" stsatements.); highlight relevant experience and education.
  6. Mention other prominent, including local, individuals, government officials, legislators, or church leaders who support your position.
  7. If applicable, stress how the issue affects the Member’s district or state.
  8. Don’t dominate the conversation or act like a know-it-all. Don't scold. The most important part of lobbying is listening. Learn what is motivating or informing your Member’s position.
  9. Stay on message. Politely steer the conversation back to the issue when it is off-track by the Member or Member's staff or other group members.
  10. Answer questions to the best of the group's knowledge, but if you don’t know an answer don’t lie or fake it. Use it as an opportunity to follow up with the information. You can say something such as, “I don’t know that answer but we will learn it and I'll get back with you.”
  11. State a clear action you want the Member to take. Press politely for a commitment.
  12. Leave a fact sheet or packet that outlines your position(s).
  13. Don’t be intimidated. Individually and collectively, you know enough about the issue, have a responsibility and right to present the information to your legislators, and have a heartfelt concern for the well-being of people both in the US and in the Holy Land. A just peace is in everyone’s best interest.
  14. At the end, restate any commitments or follow-up and thank the Member or staff for their time, even if they disagreed with you.