Lent/Easter 2016: Photo-a-day

713 Lent is a time of thoughtfulness and prayer during which Christians remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This is a story of great tragedy, but also of great hope. Jesus taught that we should love others as ourselves, yet this love was not shown to him as the crowd cheered for his execution. He was crucified and buried, but the story does not end at the tomb. Jesus conquered the grave through his resurrection! Despite all the hatred and violence, Jesus saved us by dying and rising for our sins. Jesus loved everyone in that crowd, and sacrificed himself for them, and for all of us. This reminds us that no matter how bleak the future looks, there is always hope. As tensions and tragedies continue in the Holy Land, remember to hold on to hope.

This Lent, join CMEP in a photo-a-day meditation to remember this story of tragedy and hope! By completing a small devotion each day we can become more mindful about our lives and about our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. Here is how the meditation works: each day there is a word that connects to Jesus’ ministry or the season of Lent. Think of this as an open-ended prompt. Meditate on where you see that word prompt in your everyday life and take a picture of it.

Each day, upload your pictures to Facebook, then tag them #CMEPlent16 and/or post them in the comments section on CMEP’s Facebook post of the day. Set your post to “public” so everyone can see your pictures!

718 Taking pictures is fun, but it is also a daily reminder of what it means to be a part of the mosaic of people around the world called “Christian.” Everyone will take different pictures because each life is unique and special. How would your pictures be different if you lived in Kansas City, Des Moines, Haifa, or Jerusalem? However, each of us will take a similar picture based on the prompt each day, showing that we are all connected. As you complete the photo-a-day meditation, remember that you are connected to your Christian brothers and sisters in Holy Land who are yearning for peace.

As part of this daily meditation, CMEP invites you to join us in praying for peace for Israelis and Palestinians. Especially, lift up in prayer the NGOs in the Holy Land that strive to bring hope in the region despite massive challenges and pushbacks. There are far too many NGOs to list them all, but each week CMEP will note one organization to think about and pray for. This Lent, join us and hold on to hope!

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