Internet and Privacy Policy

Transaction Security
If you have questions about the security of our site, or about donating online, please call 202-543-1222. The personal information collected when you make a contribution or purchase items by credit card is kept for the purposes of tracking your donation or registration and to provide a receipt of the transaction. This includes records required by the IRS for tax purposes. This information is transmitted and stored on an encrypted, secure server managed by a third-party commercial credit card processing institution. Churches for Middle East Peace partners with DemocracyInAction to facilitate online credit card transactions. Donors will see DEMOCRACYINACTION.ORG associated with this transaction on credit card statement.

Managing Subscriptions and Information
You can update or change your contact information and communications from CMEP (email and postal mail) by visiting At any time you may request that no mass email or postal correspondence from CMEP be sent to you by e-mailing

Information Given and Use
Visitors to may browse our website without providing any personal information. Churches for Middle East Peace receives only that information that you voluntarily provide on our forms. Donors who give by credit card and visitors that send us contact information are added to our distribution mailing lists and may be sent periodic updates about the work of CMEP. In an effort to expand CMEP’s advocacy efforts and reach new peacemakers, from time to time CMEP may exchange one-time-use contact lists with organizations that have complimentary missions. CMEP’s list exchange policy is available on this website.

Links to External Content
Links to external web sites and other non-CMEP content existing on CMEP pages and returned from CMEP web search engines are provided as a courtesy.

Copyrights and Permission
All text, audio/video information, design elements and some photos are the exclusive property of Churches for Middle East Peace (unless otherwise noted) and may be used with credit to “Churches for Middle East Peace” for reasons pursuant with CMEP’s mission without previous written permission from CMEP. We would appreciate knowing if you use our material. Let us know at