Interfaith Service and Conversation Resources

Thanks to Taylor Stuck, Summer 2014 CMEP Intern, for compiling this content.

Resources for Interfaith Service Planning

Resource List of Prayers from Other Traditions

Guides on Interfaith Conversation Regarding the Palestinian/Israeli conflict

Interfaith Conversation

General Starter Questions for a Interfaith Conversation

  • Are you interested in learning more about other religious traditions? If so, what aspects interest you and why? Have you made an effort to find out more about those aspects? If so, how? If not, why not?
  • Does your personal faith differ from the people with whom you interact frequently? If so, how do you deal with this?
  • If you are affiliated with a religious establishment, do the leaders talk about other religions? If so, how are other religious traditions depicted?

Starter Questions for People with Specific Roles in the Community

  • (For parents) How do you feel about young children (e.g., ages 2-18) interacting with children of other faiths?
  • (For religious leaders) When you talk with leaders of different denominations, what are the most common topics?
  • (For a person in an interfaith marriage) In your opinion, what is the effect of an interfaith marriage on the nuclear family? Does it have an effect on parenting?
  • (For a person who frequently attends religious gatherings) Are other religions discussed within your own religious gatherings? If so, what is said? In your opinion are the views positive, negative, neutral, or mixed?
  • (For a person who frequently attends religious gatherings) Is interfaith dialogue encouraged in your religious organization? If so, how are religious leaders making an effort to interact or have members of their organization interact with other religious groups?