CMEP advocates for an end to the blockade on Gaza. Since 2006, the political and humanitarian situation in Gaza has become an urgent problem for the 1.7 million Palestinians living there. The blockade limits materials desperately needed to rebuild after Israel's 2009 military operation that left 20,000 Gazans homeless. The restrictions on travel have limited Palestinians' access to health care, religious holy sites and educational institutions outside of the Gaza Strip. CMEP also strongly condemns rocket fire into Israel by terrorist groups operating inside Gaza. 

Most Recent CMEP Advocacy Regarding Gaza:

  • CMEP wrote to President Obama on humanitarian crisis in Gaza. In 2010, CMEP organized two separate letters to President Obama addressing the dire humanitarian conditions in Gaza, one from CMEP and six like-minded organizations (February 4, 2010) and another from heads of denominations (March 15, 2010).
  • CMEP supporters lobbied lawmakers on Gaza during Advocacy Conferences. CMEP supporters urged support for the Administration’s efforts, working with Israel, to help ease the humanitarian burden on the people of Gaza by expanding the range of materials that are allowed in. During the Summer of 2010, 76% of the goods allowed into Gaza were food and hygiene products. Congress must find ways to get more materials into Gaza (without jeopardizing Israel’s security) to help rebuild critical infrastructure that sustains life, housing, and schools.
  • CMEP issued a press release in the wake of the Gaza flotilla crisis. The press release called for an end to the blockade and a redoubling of efforts to restart peace talks. When Israel eased some of the restrictions later that month, CMEP welcomed these measures but encouraged Israel to go further. CMEP also applauded continued efforts to restart talks.
  • CMEP supported the McDermott-Ellison letter on humanitarian conditions in Gaza. In January 2010, Rep. Jim McDermott and Rep. Keith Ellison sponsored a letter to President Obama on conditions in Gaza. CMEP supported this letter.
  • CMEP supported the Inglis-Moran sign on letter. Representatives Inglis (R-SC-4) and Moran (D-VA-8) partner on a bi-partisan letter to Secretary Clinton asking her to ensure that students from Gaza have access to higher education. The letter requests "an effective mechanism to evaluate and approve requests for Gaza residents to study in the West Bank in a timely manner." (December 14, 2009)

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