Congregational Resources

302 Sincere motivation and reliable information about the situation abroad, the political situation in the U.S. as well as our own theologies are essential to being effective advocates for positive U.S. engagement in the formation and implementation of a just resolution for Israelis and Palestinians.

Prayer and advocacy concerning peacemaking in the Holy Land is born from our faith in Jesus Christ. As Christians from across the theological spectrum we share a common passion and call given to us by God; a call which lived, died and was resurrected for us in Jesus, and; a call which is continually strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit.

To help us in this work of faith CMEP has created and gathered a variety of spiritual, and educational resources for individual and communal use to help engage your congregation in learning and reflection. Together, we hope to engage and act upon our Christian calling to be peacemakers.

As a coalition of 27 denominations and organizations, we have ideas and resources from many Christian traditions as well as ecumenical resources. Also, because the work being done primarily affects Jews and Muslims we also have included some inter- and multi-faith resources.

You may freely reproduce and circulate any CMEP resources. Feedback about these resources is always appreciated and helps shape future publications. Comments and suggestions for additional resources may be sent to

The ACT Palestine Forum also maintains a list of liturgical, worship and other resoruces useful to congregations and their members.



Liturgies/Worship Service Materials


  • Have a worship service with the theme of Middle East Peace or Peace in the Holy Land by having the theme incorporated in the sermon, prayers and music, among any other elements, of the service
  • Raise prayers for the people of the Holy Land during the prayers of the people
  • Infuse your social hour with Middle East foods such as hummus, falaffel or olives and have small signs that remind people to pray for peace for all the people of the Middle East

Additional Resources