CMEP to the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem concerning Price Tag attacks

May 20, 2014

Your Beatitude,
Churches for Middle East Peace, a coalition of 25 U.S. national church groups – Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Evangelical - is deeply troubled by the recent graffiti attacks on your Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem. These acts of desecration are an attempt to intimidate and inflame conflict in the Holy Land. We stand with you in deploring these actions.
We are especially concerned about these attacks coming just before the forthcoming visit of Pope Francis to the Holy Land later this month. His message of peace must not be undermined by those seeking to sow discord. 
Recognizing that the acts are committed by a small minority of extremists, we join you in calling for increased efforts by the Israeli authorities to find the perpetrators of these crimes and bring them to justice. We agree that rooting out intolerance through education must be the goal so that these hateful attacks are not perpetuated. 
The welfare of Palestinian Christians is of ongoing concern to us. We admire your steadfast efforts to ensure continuation of a vibrant Christian presence in the Holy Land.
Warren Clark                          Russ Testa
Executive Director                  Chair
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