Advocacy Conference

305 Each year advocates, leaders, experts and more gather in Washington, D.C. to become better informed, equipped and supported in raising our voices for U.S. policies and actions that work for justice and peace in the Holy Land. Faith leaders, issue analysts and policy experts provide important insights, resources and skills that prepare you to effectively express your concerns to elected officials and reach out locally to engage others.

CMEP's Advocacy Conference brings supporters of Middle East peace to Washington to educate themselves and then advocate with their representatives. The message that CMEP supporters bring to Capitol Hill is specifically tailored to respond to the current context.

  • 2014 Message: This year CMEP is holding regional gatherings with the message of supporting peacemaking and our role in it. There will be no national event this year. The next anticipated conference will be in 2016.
  • 2013 Message: Expressing support for the work of Secretary Kerry and President Obama, maintaining funding for critical humanitarian programs, and stopping the routing of the security wall through a convent in the Cremisan Valley.
  • 2012 Message: Critical concern for Palestinian financial assistance, ensuring a shared Jerusalem, and preserving the Palestinian Christian community in the Holy Land.
  • 2011 Message: Urgent need for U.S. leadership toward a just secure and sustainable resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • 2010 Message: Bipartisan support for peace, Gaza humanitarian crisis, shared Jerusalem, and Palestinian Christians
  • 2009 Message: Congressional support for Obama's peace efforts, peace agreement necessary to preserve Palestinian Christian community
  • 2008 Message: Support Palestinian capacity building efforts, support the Annapolis process, preserve the Palestinian Christian Community

CMEP conference activities include:

  • Luncheon with featured speakers usually focusing on current U.S. policy and Palestinian and Israeli positions
  • Celebratory seception where networking and hospitality abound
  • Expert speakers from the D.C. area and beyond
  • Engaging workshops that help participants develop deep understandings
  • Lobby preparation to strategize and hone the message to be delivered
  • Congressional prayer breakfast so that we start our advocacy by recalling our call to be peacemakers
  • Lobby day on Capitol Hill where we move on the hill to let our voices be heard

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