Advent/Christmas 2015

703 “The birth of Christ means new life, a life on security and joy for all, and we Christians have a role to tell the good news. We learn humility from the birth of Christ in a manger and to love all people. Even when there are difficulties in our own personal relations, love can bring us closer.” –Ronza Abu Sabbah, 9

Welcome to Advent!

by Kim Roehl, Intern

704 The advent season is an exciting time. We decorate our homes, wear outrageous sweaters, and buy gifts in preparation for Christmas. As Christians, advent is also a time to remember God’s gift coming into the world in the form of a child.  As familiar as the Christmas story is, it can be hard to relate to a story that seems so far removed from our wrapping paper and bows. This advent season, CMEP invites you to consider and reflect on: What is it like growing up in the Holy Land today? What experiences would be similar or different from your childhood or from children in your community today?

This year CMEP’s advent resources are adapted from Ahlan wa Sahlan: Welcome! Advent Stories for Children. This is a new Advent curriculum for children created by Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ as a part of their Global Ministries Middle East Initiative.

Each week focuses on a different location in the Christmas story and highlights a child living in a Christian community in each location today. They share their experience of living in the Holy Land and their hope for705 Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth the future with us.

“I feel proud to be a girl from Nazareth, where the annunciation took place, where Jesus Christ spent his childhood…I feel I am a bridge, a link to share with you this lesson about Christ of Nazareth, my town and I feel very honored.” –Nagham Helou, 11

Through these personal stories, the message of Advent and the promise of hope, peace, joy and love found in Jesus’ birth is conveyed in new and meaningful ways.