Advent/Christmas 2012: Daily Reflections

As Christians the season of Advent is a time of expectant waiting. We know God is with us. We believe God is with us. Yet, sometimes, especially when we think of the violence, pain, and sorrows ofthe people of Israel and Palestine, we may not necessarily feel God's presence with us.

To help all of us during this season of Advent (December 2nd in the Catholic and Protestant calendars) and through Christmas (January 7th in the Orthodox calendar), CMEP will be sending daily emails to encourage all of us to ponder and pray for peace.

Scripture for this series is from the New International Version translation of Hebrew and Christian scriptures. All reflections and prayers are taken from the public domain and were not specifically written for CMEP, are used with permission or were written for this series. Any questions about the reflections or prayers should be sent to Doris Warrell at Doris(at)

Available reflections are listed below.

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